Category: Animal cuties

Pretty Pandas!

Did you know that red pandas have a sweet tooth, just like we do? Isn’t that cool?! Learn lots of fluffy facts about these cuties in Animals and You #209, on sale now!

Zoella’s Pug Pals!

We’ve fallen in love with Zoella & Alfie’s pet pugs, Nala and Buzz! SO MUCH CUTENESS! Read all about them in Animals and You mag, on sale until August 30th!

Cutie Monday!

Happy Monday, everyone! Did you know that cows have best friends? Awww! Hug your bestie today! #CutieFacts #BFFL

Cutie Corner!

We’ve fallen in love with all these furry social celebs! Check out our favourite social sweeties every issue on Cutie Corner, only in Animals and You mag!

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, everyone! We’re feeling s-l-e-e-p-y…. Pop these cuties on your wall if  you want to wake up with a smile on your face every morning – you’ll find them all in issue #207!

Fishy Fun!

Grab your new copy of Animals and You magazine for some fin-tastic fun with Dory. You could win prizes, too! That’s our weekend sorted!  

Fishy Fun!

We simply LOVE Finding Dory – that little fishy is the cutest thing in the world! If you want lots and lots fun fishy facts, check out Animals and You mag!

Social Sweeties!

Find out which famous furries and social celebs we’re totally loving this month! Check out the latest Animals and You mag for more Insta-pet pics!

Craaazy Animal Facts!

Did you know? Dog owners in Turin, Italy are legally required to walk their dogs at least three times a day or they risk being fined!   Check out Animals and You mag for loads...

Pretty Posters!

There’s nothing better than looking at cute, fluffy animals or magical art! Pop these cuties on your wall – they’re free in the new issue of Animals and You mag!

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